• Avoid excessive cleansing, as it strips the skin of oil and moisture, causing dryness, itching and bruising.
  • Carrot, papaya and apple extract are skin anti-oxidant  that  helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Use products containing D-Panthenol to keep sensitive skin safe from sun damage.
  • Drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated and rid it of impurities; too much toxin in the body is not good for the skin because it blocks the pores and can cause acne breakouts.
  • Use a mild face wash that contains a moisturiser and is specifically formulated for sensitive skin. These products do not contain harsh chemicals and are mild on your skin.



  • Moisturize regularly to easily get rid of dry skin. For best results, every morning after bathing, pat your entire body with products containing glutathione, goat’s milk and honey.
  • Hot water robs skin of moisture and protective skin oils. Always use lukewarm or cold water while taking a bath.
  • Honey stimulates the renewal of skin cells and is a well known cure for dry skin. It can be applied to the skin as is and should be left on for at least 15 minutes.
  • Face wash is ideal for cleansing facial skin while mild soaps with moisturizers are ideal for body skin. Avoid using harsh alkaline soaps or products that contain alcohol or detergents.



  • Thorough cleansing of oily skin removes dirt from the top layer and stops the pores from becoming clogged.
  • Make-up can also clog pores, so it is important to remove all make-up before going to bed.
  • Eat plenty of foods that are rich in protein to nourish oily skin. Include lots of leafy vegetables and fresh fruit. Vitamin B2 helps prevent oily skin, so include good sources of B2 in your diet by eating wheat germs, whole grains, beans and nuts. Cut down on the amount of sugar and fat in your diet, and avoid soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, chocolate and fried food.
  • Use skin products that are rich in placenta, collagen and kojic in a lower concentration of the same. Try rubbing a slice of cucumber or tomato on your face to absorb the oils from your face whenever you find time.



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