Mister United Continents Philippines 2015 – Cagayan De Oro- ROLLY OPORTO



MANILA, Philippines – Rolly Oporto ( PLOY-nickname )  is  the CAGAYAN DE ORO  representative to the world’s prestigious pageant searching for the most attractive men across continents, Mister United Continents Philippines 2015. He is currently a professional ramp model. “PLOY  is a  person that is open to  new opportunities in life as long as he think that specific thing could possibly create a better life for him in the near future.

Second from the youngest in 6 siblings. His father’s name is Pacifico and  Mother’s name is Rosalia. Originally from Bukidnon where former Senator Migz Zubiri lives but he stayed in CDO for almost 5 years already due to his work.

His  advocacy is about building a better relationship between muslims and christians in Mindanao.

A former football varsity player in their school.When he  graduated college  in 2008 , he entered hotel and restaurant industry.This field gave him  interest to be more artistic.He became a bartender  which taught him tricks  on  cocktail mixing.

A member of Philippine bartenders league.


After which he started working in an  american restaurant where he learn how to make coffee mixes followed by a french middeterennean resto where he also learned about wines  and european dishes in full flex  Fine dining service.

The  best days in his life was to become  a wine specialist.From there , he  transferred to a famous hotel in CDO where he was offered to be a Head bartender.He have  been there for almost 3 years then all of the sudden he jumped into modeling industry.


He was offered by an agent in CAGAYAN DE ORO  to join fashion shows in town and ended-up his career as a Bartender.

On the other hand, dancing was introduced to him  by his  classmates.They are famous in their school as they are one of the  campus talents.Later on, he was already part of their group and did a lot of dance competitions.He became known again because of his  dancing skills including fire dancing  yet his  football side was still there.

Ballroom Dancingfootball-abstract-13afire_dancer_5_by_firenze_design-d4tyv6a

As we all know, he started as Football addict kid.He  was at  his kindergarten that  football was introduced to him.Since then he continued playing it. He have  been to many places in his  Elementary years just to play football tournaments and enter school cups.When he hit secondary, he played higher level of tournaments.He became a football captain in their school . ” And not to brag but I became slightly ” famous”in our campus beacause of that ” Rolly recalled during the interview.


GOOD LUCK TO ROLLY- STAY TUNED for more updates 





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