Mister United Continents – THE SHOP- OFFICIAL THEME SONG


With the candidates of Mister United Continents and Miss Sofia Gutierrez the endorser of BB SKINNE NEW YORK a subsidiary of Mister United Continents  during their radio guesting .


Produced for Mister United Continents- THE SHOP

Music by : PJDM
Lyrics by : Monalyn Labado
Sung by: Mona and Fern

I- My day just started and it feels like yesterdat

I think this trouble has been in my history


I want to fix something new

Not only just the same old you.


I want to live and grow

Never minding where to go

This hope of mine will never I let go

REF 2:

How can I ? Why cant Be ?

How can I let go this thing .

( Repeat Chorus 2 )

Father where you ?

Please tell me what to do

When every time I needed you

Now I can say go on and make my day .

How can I ? Why cant be ?

How can I ? fix this thing




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